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Desenvolvedora/Publicadora: Square Enix
Distribuidora: Disney Interactive Studios
Diretor: Tetsuya Nomura

KINGDOM HEARTS é a história da luz superando trevas pelo poder da amizade.

Data de Lançamento: 29 de janeiro de 2019

Compre na XBOX Live

Metacritic: 89
Opencritic: 88

Kingdom Hearts 3 is every bit as magical as expected. It manages to set the bar high for games in 2019 with its nostalgia-inducing Disney worlds, great gameplay and epic conclusion. The long wait is finally over and fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Games Machine
Kingdom Hearts 3 succeeds in the difficult task of living up to expectations without shaking up its foundations but improving on the strengths of the previous chapters. Spectacular in its artistic direction, exhilarating in its fights and fulfilling on the narrative side, to be fully appreciated Kingdom Hearts 3 requires, however, that its public is aware of the intricate background of the saga. After waiting for so many years, recommending the last adventure of Sora, Donald and Goofy would only be a negligible formality.

Hobby Consolas
This is it, the epic, emotional and satisfying conclusion to one of gaming's most beloved series. Kingdom Hearts III is everything we could had hoped for (and even more), but its biggest achievement is that, even by today's standards, it's a one of a kind experience that can only be described using one word: magic.

Game Informer
While not perfect, Kingdom Hearts III is the game I’ve been waiting for. After finishing it, I was delighted by how satisfied I was with the journey. I traversed worlds with some of my favorite Disney characters, persevered through challenging boss battles, and saw a triumphant finale that only makes me more excited for the future. The series still has a lot of heart, and that’s what makes it so endearing.

The light that shines in Kingdom Hearts III is so powerful that it can eliminate the shadows behind a long and difficult development process. This is the magic of synergy, a concept that Square Enix and Disney have mastered in this ambitious production.

If you're a fan of the series, it's obvious that Kingdom Hearts 3 has to be your absolute priority, it's that simple... The wait for KH3 was very long, but believe me when I tell you that it was really worth it.

For all the new in Kingdom Hearts 3, there is plenty of the old too. The action combat is more satisfying than it's ever been, even if it's a tad easy to skate through the main storyline. For longtime fans of the series, all those emotional payoffs that have been building for 17 years await. For newcomers, buckle up: because you're in for a wild ride of bonkers Disney interactions and some exciting boss battles.

The Disney side is still the best side of Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts III nails that part. But even it's story, as ridiculous as it is, gives fans emotional moments and satisfaction.

IGN Italia
Visually stunning, Kingdom Hearts III is all about being cool while delivering us the best conclusion for a long-time series.

Kingdom Hearts III might look chaotic and confusing both in battles and narrative but it is simply gorgeous and delivers most of the answers and closure fans have been waiting for.

Press Start Australia
Kingdom Hearts III takes the series to astonishing new heights. With exhilarating combat, fantastic Disney worlds and a smart approach to an unavoidably convoluted story, it does everything it needs to not only please hardcore fans but anyone up for a solid action JRPG. Against all odds, this might be the perfect Kingdom Hearts game.

Kingdom Hearts III is exactly what we expected it it be: an amazing game we’ve enjoyed from the very first second to the very last one. We would’ve liked to see a bigger challenge or more relevant extra content, but even so, it’s the perfect closure for an era.

Without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is a satisfactory chapter in one of the most beloved JRPG franchises. It has some problems that could have been ironed out, but it's still a great and magical experience that can be enjoyed by fans and newcomers alike. Ultimately, it was worth the long wait.

I thoroughly enjoyed Square Enix’s evolution of Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay and fidelity to Disney’s beloved animated movies. While the storytelling could use some punching up, Square has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of these worlds while giving us a massive toolbox for battles and exploration. Even as I watched the dust settle on the story I wanted to jump right back in to collect everything. But to see all of the events of the Kingdom Hearts games so far culminate is, frankly, weird. Having been given so much time to ruminate, its specific resolutions aren’t all that surprising, but only a marginal impact is lost as a result. I still loved seeing so many characters from throughout this series interact in new ways and rekindle old bonds. It’s nice to see that, even so long after the very first game, Kingdom Hearts 3 is so full of heart.

Kingdom Hearts III is graphically exceptional, with a brilliant art design, and its narratives bring almost everything to an end. Rhythm and direction, however, never meet the expectations the saga has established. The music does not fill what had been an essential role in the previous chapters. In the end, the game lacks a real "wow" moment, that certain something to be fixed in the fans' memories, as well as truly immersive and convincing Disney worlds.

Still madder than a box of frogs, but its magical Disney charms make it worth the long wait.

In 2002, as Sora, I left Destiny Islands to travel across the universe and make new friends. In 2019 I brought old ones home, and I had so much fun doing it.

Eurogamer Italy
Kingdom Hearts 3 had all the ingredients to shine as one of the best entries in the series, but doesn't seem to find a proper narrative pacing.

KINGDOM HEARTS III se passa após os eventos mostrados em Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, tendo o protagonista Sora se juntando com o Pato Donald, Pateta, Rei Mickey e Riku em sua busca pelos Sete Guardiões da Luz e da "Chave para Retornar Corações" enquanto tentam frustrar os planos do Mestre Xehanort de iniciar uma guerra devastadora. A jornada deles irá levá-los ao encontro de diversos personagens e diferentes "Mundos" baseados nas propriedades intelectuais da Disney, Pixar e na série Final Fantasy da Square Enix.

A série KINGDOM HEARTS tem uma das histórias mais confusas do mundo dos games, por isso eu separei abaixo um resumo feito pelo canal Meteoro. Não é algo pra se assistir casualmente, tem que prestar atenção, mas é bacana para se preparar para KINGDOM HEARTS III sem tem que jogar todos os jogos. Ou quase.

Sora é o protagonista principal da série Kingdom Hearts, bem como um usuário da Keyblade. Ele é um adolescente alegre, que pode parecer inocente, às vezes, mas é muito consciente da importância de sua busca. Ele possui um forte senso de justiça e um coração puro. Às vezes ele é impulsivo ao defender seus amigos, mas ele é sempre sincero sobre o que ele diz e faz. Ele também é melhor amigo de Riku e Kairi desde que eles eram pequenos.

E abaixo, alguns dos outros personagens.

Da esquerda pra direita:
Aqua, Pato Donald, Pateta, Kairi, Rei Mickey Mouse, Riku e o Mestre Xehanort.

Os Mundos em KINGDOM HEARTS são as áreas do jogo baseados em propriedades intelectuais da Disney, Pixar e em Final Fantasy, por onde Sora e seus companheiros irão se aventurar. Até o momento estes são os mundos confirmados:

Bosque dos 100 Acres (Ursinho Puff)
Reino de Corona (Enrolados)
San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)
Monte Olympus (Hércules)
Twilight Town (Kindom Hearts 2)
Torre de Yen Sid (Kindom Hearts 2)
Mansão Antiga (Kindom Hearts 2)
Monstros S.A.
Casa do Andy (Toy Story)
Arendelle (Frozen)
Caribe (Piratas do Caribe)​

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Rio de Janeiro
Cara, é sério isso, vai sair pra Xone mesmo? Esse é o único jogo que me faria na vida comprar um play por ser exclusivo mas ali no final apareceu Xbox one. É sério mesmo?

Enviado do meu Moto X Play usando o app mobile do PXB!
Sim, acho que nunca passou a possibilidade do jogo ser exclusivo

Quem iria imaginar que misturar Final Fantasy com o mundo da Disney daria tão certo.
Que jogo. Que franquia.
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Edu Barros

PXB Gold
Ribeirão Preto
Exato. Comprei as coletâneas faz pouco tempo na ps store e estou gostando bastante. Eu nunca tinha jogado KH antes.
Eu queria muito conseguir gostar dessa franquia, mas a cronologia complicada e os nomes bizarros acabam me afastando. Talvez eu experimente o III e me anime de comprar a coletânea, mesmo sabendo que ela não é completa.
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PXB Gold
Manaus/AM - Brasil
Exatamente, KHIII vai sair pra Xbox One sim, só a coletânea é exclusiva de PS4.
Pensando seriamente em comprá-la, nunca joguei KH. Comprando essa coletânea, terei as versões completas do 1 e 2? Esses japoneses são floridas cara, colocando esses nomes "Kingdom Hearts 1.40 e tanto, 2.85, Kingdom Hearts 2 e 3/4", q merda caras, coloca logo "Kingdom Hearts 1 Full Edition ou Collectors Edition ou all in one". Parece as versões do anime Evangelion, até hj n sei direito sobre aqueles filmes q sairam após a série original.

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PXB Gold
São Paulo
Eu nunca me interessei de verdade por esta franquia, mas depois de ver o game play dele fiquei interessado em ver o resultado final dele, parece ser muito divertido.



A Square está lançando muita coisa na Steam. Talvez seja 1 ano exclusivo nos consoles e depois vá para o PC. Só ver o que aconteceu com os últimos jogos deles... saindo praticamente tudo na Steam.
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Porto Alegre
Pensando seriamente em comprá-la, nunca joguei KH. Comprando essa coletânea, terei as versões completas do 1 e 2? Esses japoneses são floridas cara, colocando esses nomes "Kingdom Hearts 1.40 e tanto, 2.85, Kingdom Hearts 2 e 3/4", q merda caras, coloca logo "Kingdom Hearts 1 Full Edition ou Collectors Edition ou all in one".
Sim, tem tudo. É que falam 1.5 ou 2.5 porque tem o 1-2 e mais coisas.

Na IGN americana tem um artigo explicando tudo o que vem e a importância de cada jogo pro plot principal.